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About Allyson

Allyson works with students of all ages to help them discover the gift of yoga.  She fell in love with the practice in 2000, when she took her first class. A light inside was ignited that kept brining her back to the mat. After graduating with a BA in Psychology from The University of Colorado, she spent several years working and traveling abroad. During the year she spent leading international travel semesters, she was drawn to teach her  students about the practice. When she returned home in 2006 Allyson received her first Vinyasa  certification, and spent the next several years immersed in Anusara and Hatha yoga studies.   She is deeply grateful for the influence of all her excellent teachers including:  Julieta Claire, Chirs Muchow, Madhuri Martin,  Amy Ippoliti, Desiree Rumbaugh, Elena Brower, Sally Kempton and Douglass Brooks.

  One of Allyson's  passions is bringing the benefits of yoga to children. She holds Yoga Ed, Storytime, and Mindful Life certifications. Since 2007 she has been a lead teacher for The Wellness Initiative, a Colorado non-profit whose mission provides  yoga to low income youth in public schools. Additionally, she trains teachers to use yoga tools with their students in ways that promote mindfulness, engagement, and more peace in the classroom. She is committed to teaching yoga with creativity for people around the world . Alignment,  partner work,  and the celebration of each individual are what make Allyson's classes so "sweet."  She strives to create a playful, supportive and safe environment that empowers students of all levels to bring a new openness and flexibility to body, heart, and mind.
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